Music is the Answer - March 2020

During this time of international Life on Lockdown, I manage to do something vaguely productive with my time and put together some Lockdown mixes and tunes for you to enjoy while being holed up under virtual house arrest.

There's lots of free music downloads on SoundCloud too - if you don't have an account yet, get on it! Follow me at for more... and/or for genre-ish specific stuff, check my SC playlists: Future Funk & Nu Disco, Hip-Hop (Ippity Oppity), R&B, Reggae, Disco Classics, MiniMixes, and Kandi Tastic (Soulful House).

Top Tracks

Calvin Harris - How Deep Is Your Love (Discolux Bootleg)
The mysterious - possibly Dutch, possibly UK-based - remixer whips out the most deliciously funky bootleg edit of this big room classic creating some immense nu-skool vibes.

Totò - Georgy Porgy (Pete's Right Puddin' Rework)
A delightful extended mix from a man who seems he can never do wrong: Pete Le Freak. Adding some new drums, keys, FX and bass to an all-time classic soft rock hit from 1980.

Mega Mixes

Late Nite Tuff Guy - Soul Mix 4
Australia's funkiest mo-fo put this hour-long set together 7 years ago but I've only just picked it up. Includes 10 of his finest soul and funk edits including 'You Abandoned Me' and 'Nobody'.

Melvo Baptiste - Defected Virtual Festival
The Defected Crew released a stream of mixes for the world on lockdown. This tidy little mix from Mr Baptiste - who I was priveledged enough to meet a few months back in Dubai - is a thumper.


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