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Photo Gallery

Here we have a collection of photos I've taken and / or starred in. In general, creatively I'm completely useless. However I do try and my mum said that was all that mattered when I was little. I hope she's still right.

Despite being an awful photographer, thanks to the incredible Instagram thing; it appears anyone can create and edit good photos these days. Read up on How to Download Instagram Photos here if you so wish :)

Here are some snaps from my travels between Hastings and Hurghada, from Brighton to Brussels (via Beijing), through Ibiza to India and leaving London for well, er, um, Luxor. And now I can add to this list the charming Carlisle to Changzhou I guess.

The top section is my Instagram pics, below are a few photo albums from my time in China. Shortly some more albums will magically appear including Egypt, India and good old blighty!



Changzhou, China

Someone told me I could teach

English in China without any

experience or qualifications, so I did

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Macau, China

On one of my more lavish visa runs

I headed south to the former

Portuguese colony to lord it up

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Wuxi, China

Setting off in a three car convoy

we headed to Wuxi for a day

of booze, bikes, BBQs and boats

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Zhejiang, China

Jun arranged a little road trip for us

so we went exploring in Zhejiang.

Fresh air, mountains, and lake action

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