Macking It In Macau

A little known fact about me is that - for a period of time, and one that I've managed to sucessfully erase from my CV - I worked as a 'travel writer' for Panda Guides.

Sure, it sounds like a golden gig, however there was one major floor in the glamorous job title. As a rule, I didn't travel. Instead we would fabricate travel reviews after researching places on such 'reliable' sources as wikipedia.

Anyway, due to various visa complications I was forced to flee the country frequently on 'visa runs'. On one such trip, I genuinely went in search of first-hand content for our high-end moody-ripoff version of Lonely Planet. For my efforts, I managed - for the very first time in my life - to get the sack... Truth and reality were presumably not the kind of content they wanted to touch. It is, after all, a merky business this journalism malarkey and some people are not ready for the truth, in any of its guises.

Macau Visa Run - May 2015

I penned a blog at the time with the same cunning name that you can find here: Macking it in Macau.


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