What C Am I?

Fucking hell dude, it’s fucking got me man. The little bastard has got me.” was the voice note I pinged to our Sales & Marketing Director upon receiving the daunting confirmation SMS stating I had the Covid.

What C Am I? I thought… I'm now simply another statistic. The previous Thursday I’d been having a few shandies here in Dubai with a couple of ameigos, and it emerged that one was still waiting for a Covid test result back. I joked as they left – let me know if you’re positive.

Sure enough the next day he messaged me to say he was, so I jumped in the car to the nearest drive-through testing spot (thankfully Dubai has a few) and within a few hours, I’d had another test. Admittedly this time, the guy went so far up my nose he made my brain twitch, and I thought to myself well he’d definitely find something if I did have it.

Around 24 hours later as I’m about to start preparing to wash and freshen up and make some weekend arrangements I get the message, and I think thank fuck – now I can go out… wait – what? Positive??? Mother fuckers.

It was only last week I was bragging on the Twitter machine about how I was dodging Covid like a ninja FFS.

Thankfully I’m completely asymptomatic, I’m just now housebound for the next 10 days which is rather mundane and incredibly inconvenient. That may well be down to the fact I’ve already had the first jab of the Sinopharm vaccine here almost 3 weeks ago – ironically my second jab is due a few days after I’m allowed out of isolation.

Still, I’ve been spending the days WFH (working from home), reading, listening to incredible music via my SoundCloud, catching up on the blog and growing a fairly unkempt beard of sorts. Oh, and clearly not doing anywhere near enough exercise.

Have to give a shout out to my adorable housemates who’ve been running up meals, beers, coffee, milk and my deliveries without grumbling at all – probably glad to have me out of the way until I get the all-clear again I imagine.

I guess I will be one of the safest mo-fos around after this though. There’s definitely no touching me for the next 3-6 months so it will be nice, in a way, to get this over and done with.

I’m glad I went to get tested as – feeling 100% fine – I could have shrugged it off and potentially have infected dozens of others unknowingly.

So well done little Covid, you absolute prick, you finally caught me.

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