The Wedding Planners: It's a Love Thing

I'd like to wish all my Hastings town posse a fantastic few weeks of stag/hen dos [bachelor parties], I'm gutted I won't be there people. Mikey 'Tree Boy' Tidmarsh and the Robertsbridge crew et al, I hope your mission to conquer parts of Europe and party hard in Budapest goes without any major hiccups :).

Abbass 'Juru Jilililililian' Hassan (please correct my spelling - it doesn't seem long enough) I hope the boys are gentle with you in Ireland. Which, admittedly, seems unlikely.

And by no means lastly Glenneth 'the Great Bollock' Davies, may your stag do see you remain fully clothed and not getting in too much of a pickle. As opposed to the states we used to get in week in, week out for years ;).

Gentlemen, I'm so glad you've all found the ones. I wish I could be there so much. You know how I hate to miss a party. It seems we've reached that age-ish where we're apparently growing up. Next you'll be telling me you have all got kittens.

We'll celebrate the next time we meet for sure. Love you guys dearly. Your respective ladies are all exceptionally fortunate (you can remind them of that) and I'm happy to act as a character reference in any domestics :).

It is, most definitely - and always has been - a Love Thing!


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