The UK's Most Prolific Gingerbread Man Thief: James Best - Rave In Peace Brother

Getting sent a link titled 'How Many More Prisoners Have to Die in Custody?' I assumed it would be a general state of affairs piece in the Guardian newspaper yesterday... assuming is bad.

I didn't realise the whole article would reference the UK's most prolific gingerbread man thief: my legendary big brother James Best (RIP: Rave in Peace).

In our Madurai office, in southern India, penning articles on local mythology I took a few mins to scan through the story, expertly written by the talented and thorough Eric Allison.

Trying to mention it to my work colleagues was possibly not a good move. Seeing the pic of Wandsworth - the scene of his untimely death - showed the very stairs I walked down with my good friend Abby Hassan whilst going to visit the cell where he died, brought back some fairly horrific memories and feelings.

My story-telling ability waned as the tears trickled down my cheeks.

Love you brother so very much and miss you intensely… apologies I wasn't there for you when you needed me the most. You will never be forgotten and I'll carry with me till my dying day so many positive attributes you taught me.

Still in the office so I should stop now… man-up Owen…


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