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Too Much To Ask?

Stringing together a brief personal blog, just once a month, at the moment seems a little too demanding. The three a month I was previously averaging for sure is impossible in today's crazy climate.

Too Much To AskTime is stretched each and every day in the lightning-fast world of Beijing. The work between the two jobs is never really finished and each week day I’m working 9am – 1am; thankfully – in the main – I’ve managed to train my body into thinking six hours sleep a night is ample. Somehow I'm trying to squeeze in six hours of Chinese each week, and alongside this I've taken on a spot freelancing doing a bit of SEO stuff for the Dubai connections. Free time is at an all new premium. I only wish my bedroom was as clean as this pic.

Something is definitely a miss however and my visas woes are far from over either. Next month I must leave the country again – for the fourth time in five months. I’m not entirely sure which way to go at the moment, Mongolia is the cheapest option (and also the least appealing) but I’m also trying to make the numbers work to go somewhere a little warmer. Bali, Thailand or Cambodia sound more attractive if a last-minute sponsorship deal comes through. Macau also might be interesting.

Not that I’m remotely contemplating a non-working holiday. My rapidly disintegrating laptop is literally getting worked to death. Its life expectancy is a matter of weeks or months. But I’ll continue to push the little monster to get the most out of it. Preferably on a beach for a few days getting some sunshine and much need fresh, clean, air.

Anyways the next visa run will buy me another three months of life in China. Then it’s a bit of a mystery as to what happens next. Will the embassy in Hong Kong allow me to renew my current visa or revert it to a one month – and practically impossible – visa is still to be seen.

Hold it together sunshine. Don’t let the bastards get you down as my mother would say. Fight the fatigue. Keep the struggle alive and plod on regardless. Fate – and China visas – works in mysterious ways.

I guess the point I was trying to make, was simply to excuse myself from ignoring my blog for a while… I’m sorry little blog. I do still love you. Honest.

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