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Smell the Coffee

So recently one of the coolest guys in the city abandoned us to canter off towards bonnie Scotland.  Daniel Ellis, the flying Scotsman, has chosen to further his career with some – essentially – free further education.  He has chosen to become a ‘proper teacher’. He’s chosen life.

The first time I had the pleasure to meet him; I had to help carry him to a taxi.  We bonded instantly. His shenanigans are already sorely missed here and I’m not the only one who’s been deeply sorry to see him go: there were tearful goodbyes from some of the city’s most glamorous dignitaries.Coffee Machine

There were, however, one or possibly two small advantages to his absence.  Firstly, he’s left me in full control of his prized snooker cue – aiding my game greatly. And, perhaps more importantly he’s left me his coffee machine!

Straight after payday I headed to the nearest luxury supermarket in town to find some proper coffee.  Getting a little over-excited I blew about £35 on a few small packs of Italy’s Illy Coffee.  I once read somewhere that “coffee is the thinker’s drug of choice” and with these kinds of prices who can dispute that.

My first tastes of amazing coffee at home here are beautiful.  From one Scottish drunkard to another; a fellow countryman, politician and historian Sir James MacKintosh once said: “The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportional to the quantity of coffee he drank.

This should help with all these 6am starts I've got at the moment. More power, and coffee, to you people.

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