Smashing the Granny Out of It

While dithering about the next direction of travels pre-Dubai, a good friend of mine from Hastings town – upon hearing the venues we run out here in DxB – said: “mate, you don’t need to sell those places; they’re the most in-demand spots in the city. Just get on a plane, hand out some business cards and you’ll smash the granny out of it.”

There wasn’t so much time for networking in November but smash the granny out of it I most certainly did. Clocking a cool ¾ million in a month (£154k / $204k) for the first time ever was far from straight-forward. I worked even harder than usual, with many a 14/15-hour days ending close to midnight in an attempt to keep up with the influx of group bookings and enquiries. The weekends involved catching up on sleep before heading back into the office to try to stay on top of workloads and avoid dropping the majority of balls I was juggling.

The ones I didn’t drop and got over the line totalled 97 bookings throughout the month, catering for a total of over 2000 pax, I had over 100 pax to look after on 6 days of the month in total I think. The spend per head was a not-too-shabby 360 AED p/p (£75 / $100) too. To put this in perspective, in my almost 4 years here in the Sand Pit, I’ve clocked 600k just twice, and a half a million perhaps half a dozen times in total.

It was a beast of a month: ludicrously stressful, brutal in every way and fairly unsociable as my work-life balance was more lob-sided than usual. That said, after such a rocky period for the F&B industry as a whole, any opportunity to claw back monies to keep the company moving in a positive direction had to be capitalized on.

As the month came to a heady close, we’ve got a few new recruits joining to reinforce the ranks of the sales team here. And the start of December should bring another new recruit or two plus we have the minor launch of two of our brands in the capital (both Lock, Stock & Barrel and Asia Asia Abu Dhabi need some attention).

For those wondering, I’m almost fully settled into the new pad I mentioned in Levelling Up – Dubai Style. It’s an awesome little place, with many amazing facilities – most of which I haven’t taken advantage of yet - such as the pool, squash court or the gym.

However, in my bathroom I have a smart mirror (yes, I also never knew it was a thing), so this means I can link up a phone on Bluetooth and listen to SoundCloud while going about my business. I’m also the proud owner/occupier of a pad with a smart doorbell: it’s so smart, I still haven’t worked out how to use it. I have, however, managed to bag myself a carwash service for 100 AED a month meaning I will get my ‘whip’ scrubbed thrice weekly… I still haven’t committed to buying an iron, a cutlery holder thing and a few other luxuries – but will fix those in the New Year I’m sure.

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