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Should I Stay Or...

So my one year teaching experiment is complete and now, yet again, I find myself at another crossroad. Which way to go, which way to turn – or do I plough straight ahead?Crossroads

I’d like to get back to a more career-focused role; marketing/PR, journalism or web development ideally – but this world is not always ideal.

I do know I’m not so eager to get back to the UK – other than to see the folks and my amigos – but from here, things could go any number of ways.

I extended my contract here by a further two months, buying me an extra six weeks for things to fall into place. If I am to stick with the teaching English thing, then a new destination would be crucial. Shanghai and Beijing maybe, Laos, Cambodia, maybe even Thailand. Who knows which way the winds of change will blow my sails.

I’ve applied for a couple of dream jobs here in China but if those fail, I’m thinking it’s time for a new challenge, a new environment and a new adventure.

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