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Remember, Remember to Blog in November!

Okey dokies so here's a belated November 2013 blogging debut from the loveable land of China. It's not really that I forgot, I have just been a little preoccupied of late.

Failure is for MugsAlongside a few 'Epic Fails' at school - which I'm hoping never to repeat again in my life, an unlikely scenario admittedly - I've been doing things that weird health-freaks do: keeping fit, ahem, or trying to anyway.

In the last seven days alone I've been for grueling runs on at least two, maybe three separate occasions. Now this in itself is completely ludicrous: I hate running! Seriously, it's the lamest thing ever. Ever since cross country at school through muddy fields in Rye, I've always thought it the most pointless thing in the world... Unless of course you happen to find yourself being chased by the po-po (I think that's what the kids call them these days) or an equally ugly criminal gangster.

Adding to that I've managed to find a tennis partner - Sir Nicholas (of Swindon Massive fame), we don the sweat bands and tight shorts once a week and grunt louder than Steffi Graf on a bad day. The old folks seem to love it though so no complaints so far.Nick and I on Court 1

Unfortunately although the court is fairly reasonable, we don't actually have a net. This does mean we can rally for much longer as it does tend to get in the way somewhat during normal knock-abouts. We must also dodge the occasional granny or grandpa that thinks the court is some kind of throughway. It's OK though Nick tells me I'll be like them soon enough, and he could be right.

Plus, plus, plus in keeping with my Indian initiation, I'm dabbling in yoga once again! I've signed up at a local yoga spot and even got myself a sleek-looking VIP card if you please. I've managed to attend once a week for the last three weeks... an achievement in itself, but - perhaps obviously - some of the moves are way beyond me. I do try though but I'm not sure how much more flexible I am now than when I first started. I still struggle to sit on the floor with my legs crossed.

This has all been sparked by a recent observation of some 30+ puppy-fat hugging my waistline. I'm attributing this to the fact I'm eating like a warlord. It's either that or the beers being 20p a pop. I can only order two main food dishes here, both of which rock - but probably don't count towards my five-a-day.

Anyways I'm still living the English teacher's dream here in China. Ni Hao (you good/hello) mother-funkers!

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