Record-breaking in Ramadan

March – compared to Frugal February – was fairly hectic. Groups and gatherings seem to appear out of nowhere, and the month flew by for sure. April has been completely next level: for me personally, or professionally, anyway.

While some have been breaking fast, I’m well on way to breaking records during times of the holy month of Ramadan – and yes, I’m feeling a little smug about the whole thing. This month is looking to be my best ever April (money-wise) here in Dubai (granted it’s only my 4th and I arrived in March 2018 so I knew nobody and nothing back then, and last year we didn’t have any venues open at all – but still!).

On top of this – in terms of bums on seats – this is about to be my most successful month ever here in the UAE; which is ridiculous considering the difficulties we’re all facing during times of this new-normal.

In theory, I’ve helped over 1,400 people (not far off 50 per day) have incredible evenings throughout some of the best venues the city has ever seen. I won’t lie, it feels good to be breaking records again; it’s been a while to be fair. For sure I couldn't have done this without the epic efforts of the team behind Bite Club (a restaurants and bites promoter rocking the city) with their 10 gatherings bringing in over 400 revellers in total!

Interestingly enough, Ramadan here (that started on the 12th April) has actually seen the rules and regulations relaxed slightly compared to the start of the month. We’re now allowed to stay open until 3am if we wish, previously that was limited to 1am. Anyone within the F&B industry and even those regular punters can gauge the added value to our business this move makes. There was certainly a collective sigh of relief when the news landed.

The Israeli market has also opened up. This has seen an influx of tourist groups heading our way and we’ve specifically prepared Kosher-style menus for them – and the demand so far has been encouraging.

After such a devastating year for the F&B industry, and as some retro pop-classic once put it, “The Only Way is Up” (baby).

Slowly but surely, we’re getting back to where we need to be. Shalom, I hear you say: and fucking right.

Peace out people.

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