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Put On My Raving Shoes

And I, boarded the plane... after my epic farewell party in the Changzhou bars - starting with a 40-strong crew enjoying an incredible four-course meal at Europe Bar, followed by drinks and live music at Blank Space, and questionable tunes and dancing at Pheobe - it's time to move on.blah

It was a great turn out and, after our fabulous meal at Europe Bar, we took over Canal 5 and Phebe when we rocked up. I will miss the kids of course, but I will miss the crew a lot more.

Me, Jun, Olaf & Tudor at Canal 5Whenever you live abroad, the ex-pat community is always a crucial element (for me anyway). You meet so many great people and then, sooner or later, you or them start jumping on planes and heading off into some new direction.

I feel I've learnt a lot more during my 14 months of teaching than I've taught. I was also a bit disappointed that not one of my kids shed a tear on news of my departure. They actually seemed happier than usual on my last day and I can't think why.

I already started putting the feelers out for connections in the big smoke of Beijing. I hope to get reacquainted with the Egyptian community I met on my last visit. Also a friend's friend is one of Australia's top professional footballers (who plays for the Beijing footy team) and no doubt knows all the ropes, VVIP style of course.

Now it's my turn to get a move on. I've donned my raving shoes and I'm getting on a plane. Beijing here I come.

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