The Pirate Poster Boy

After last Xmas's acting debut - and Best Actor in a Supporting Role nomination - I'm extremely proud to announce details of finally securing my modelling debut.
Pirate Poster Boy
Ironically, it's come at a time in my life when I have more grey hairs and wrinkles than ever before. At the ripe old age of 35, I've finally achieved what my mum always thought was possible.

For our school's latest marketing campaign - an advert for this year's Halloween activities - I'm playing a key role as poster boy for the company.

I spent, literally, seconds in make-up for such a prestigious appearance. I thought rocking the Abu Hamza look was rather apt considering his recent acquittal. It's 'so fashion' as they say here in China.

For those who care: I'm featured alongside Assistant Academic Manager Nick 'don't abreviate it' Wallbank and the happy couple Gareth 'brother/uncle-man' and Lauren. For any further modelling requests, please get in touch with my agent via the email address below; obsurd terms and conditions will apply.


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