Pete Tong MBE; We Salute You!

The world famous Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong is to be awarded with MBE for his services to music and broadcasting.

Pete Tong MBETongy is one of the UK’s most renowned DJ exports, playing at some of the world’s most prestigious parties each and every week. His domestic rise to fame was boosted by his hugely successful Radio 1 Essential Selection shows from 1991-2006. He’s currently the stations longest serving house music DJ.

In a video interview Pete looks slightly bewildered and elated as he reminisces on school-boy dreams of being involved in the industry… “It’s pretty surreal; I thought someone was joking when I first got the phone call.” Tong continues: “I started out as a kid at school with a dream of being involved in music in someway… I saw a DJ for the first time in my life and I thought that’s what I want to do.

With a boyish grin the 53-year-old beams: “I got the bug and that was it. I just also followed this thing, this excitement, of finding great music and bringing it to people and trying to make them happy. Forget about some of the downside to life sometimes and just escape in the music”.

This is the first time a DJs been granted this honour in the last decade, although he’s not the first DJ of underground music to get this prestigious award. Dubbed the ‘Queen’s favourite DJ’ (although that title could now be in dispute) Norman Jay was awarded the MBE back in 2002 for his contributions to music.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson refused to clarify who exactly is the Queen’s favourite DJ, but Tongy is surely one of them. All hail Sir Tong! We salute you.


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