Owen Daniel 2.0

After some careful consideration, I finally opted to drop my Blogger account in favour of hosting my blog directly here on OwenDaniel.com.

Previously the blog, although appearing to be right here, was actually a snapshot of my Blogger account hosted at somewhere-on.blogspot.com. Disqus Comments on the site

It looked pretty damn sexy I must say. Blogger has many different display options that - when faffed around with - add a certain shine to the page. It was easy to use and essentially painless.

The main flipside, however, was that my website wasn’t ranking so high in Google for various search terms. Instead my blogger account was taking the highest places and viewing the blog on their site didn’t look half as good. Another negative factor was that Blogger only accepted comments from others on the blogging site or people with a Google+ account.

So with less of a focus on cosmetics and much more on feeding the search engines, I’ve simultaneously made it easier for people to comment on my pages courtesy of Disqus.

It’s a super-cool comment services for webmasters that enables comments/logging in via FaceBook, Twitter and G+ (or the Disqus site itself). Just copy and paste their code into your page and voila, you can comment in Italiano – or any other language.

On top of this I’ve added a share bar because I’ve heard that sharing is caring. It’s another plug-in type tool for webmasters and bloggers by AddThis. It comes with a ludicrous selection of share options; not far off 300 in total.

I’ve set it to offer your most recent social media sites to the first five buttons displayed. This means if you’ve recently shared things on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ it should – in theory – offer you those sites first.

Spread the love people.

Sharing is caring: