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So, unfortunately, I've had way too much spare time of late and I've been tinkering with a few – super dope – new websites to keep me out of trouble. The live one I can show off about, other than this, is (my local bar in Hastings town), and this - by a long, long, way – is the best site I've ever built. And so it should be. I've built some pretty cool sites mind you, but technology is a changing…

Now, before you get carried away – this site update is nowhere near complete, but I was so excited about the new look I couldn't hold back any longer.

Anywho… whilst doing a wee spot of freelancing to keep those fingers in a few pies… I stumbled across the revolutionary Twitter Cards that blew my mind so I incorporated them into the new sites. I tested them first, naturally, on as that one of the key advantages of having web space is an experimental area to play with. They look soooooooooo good tho, and these new sites I've been working on Moda’s and Her Citi (coming soon) both look super fly. They work seamlessly on mobiles and this is the key winner of course.

The older version of my site I originally designed around hmmm – four or five years ago at least and mobile access wasn't as essential then as it is now. With this in mind, and my new spangly Twitter Cards, and mobile-friendly web development knowledge I felt my site needs to look better before I update it. And this is essentially a mobile thing as the old design is still solid from a browser.

So Twitter Cards really did change my life and gave me the kick up the ass to redesign and update my site. Hope you like the refit…

The archived blogs etc from the old site will magically morph over here as and when I get round to it – just in case anyone's feeling nostalgic. I'll also be trying to fix and update the gallery pages and doing lots of background tweaks. This latest site is very much still a 'work in progress' so please keep that in mind.

That said, I hereby formally confirm the all-new is officially open for business – and its master is open for ridiculously well-paid dream jobs. As always.


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