Old Dog, New Tricks?

After my recent bout of Cramps, Curses and the Dreaded C-word, it was clearly time for a few modest lifestyle changes.

Under doctors orders, I had to cut back on the coffee. I had to drink more water. Devour more fibre and try to exercise regularly – a lot to take in all in all. Especially seeing as most foods that contain fibre are basically pretty whack.

Alas, I have been trying… switching from 12 coffees a day down to maybe 5 or 6 and replacing the others with jasmine tea was one area, Bran Flakes each morning has been another easy win on the fibre intake challenge, and the H2O bit I’m still guzzling my way through.

The exercise bit I started slowly at first as things were still quite tender after my release from the maximum-security hospital. I was going for daily walks around the Dubai Marina whilst taking a break to sip on a little soup – still being quite concerned about what I could actually eat without having any further issues.

When I felt up to it, I hit the gym. For possibly the first time in 40-odd years. The boss had kindly blagged us some free passes to the Rixos gym in JBR so it seemed a good a time as any to get busy with it.

So far, I’ve managed to hit the gym at least three times a week for over a month now and fingers crossed I can indeed keep this up. I must admit, I’ve no idea what I’m doing there. I just use the machines as best I can and then do little runny-walky things on those treadmill things. But my muscles never quite seem to ache that much - so clearly I'm not doing it properly.

That said, it must be helping in some way, although I still feel as chubby as when I started.

On top of this, I’ve also started a new Digital Marketing course online to boost that skill set a little. So far, I haven’t got that much from it but it’s reassuring to know much of my SEO knowledge is still spot-on trend-wise.

So as an Old Dog, I’m doing my best to learn New Tricks. Will I come out of this will a body like Adonis? It’s doubtful I guess but hopefully, I can keep my love handles at bay a bit longer and avoid a return trip to the hospital.

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