Moscow Here We Come!

Moscow Here We Come is a re-rub of the, as yet un-published, press release titled: International Nightlife Giants Announce Plans for Moscow & Kazan. And it goes a little something like this... Multi-award winning bar and restaurant pioneers are set to change the landscape of Russia’s nightlife scene early next year with a string of new and exciting venues.

The Dubai-based, critically acclaimed, F&B heavyweights Solutions Leisure – the parent group behind powerhouse entertainment venues such as: Lock, Stock & Barrel (an American-themed live house meets super bar with two Dubai-based locations), and Asia Asia (the pan-Asian cuisine superstar of the Middle East) – announce the start of their international venues and Russia’s Moscow and Kazan will be the host cities on everyone’s lips once again.

Taking a brief moment between juggling international licensing and franchise deals, penning his autobiography, and running Dubai’s most successful F&B group; owner, founder, and CEO Paul Evans beamed: “Bringing our brands Lock, Stock and Barrel and Asia Asia to Russia is a dream come true. Through sheer perseverance, determination, and a team of highly skilled rock stars Solutions Leisure is super proud to announce our imminent expansion and Russia is top of the list.”

Having galvanized the temperament of bars and restaurants throughout the Middle East over the last 15 years, the new plans to build a 800+ capacity Lock, Stock & Barrel; a safe haven for live music, DJs, dancing, good food, and great drinks, all set amongst a jaw-dropping backdrop of speaker-walls, rustic shipping containers, and oodles of light and sound; coupled with an extra-chic, suave and sophisticated, restaurant and lounge, where all the flavours from the largest content on earth come together under one roof : Asia Asia – will be sure to bring a fresh twist on both fine dining, and the party lifestyle options that residents and visitors have in the two cultural capitals.

With location, build, staffing, and design plans well underway – Russia can once again build the hype and be prepared for the most exciting countdown since the announcement of the World Cup in 2014.

This time however, the game is about to change and fine-dining, live music, and awe-inspiring nightlife venues are about to witness a step-up to another league. Prepare yourselves good people; for Lock, Stock & Barrel and Asia Asia are heading to Tatarstan’s Kazan, swiftly followed by equally astonishing projects in Moscow to be unveiled in the near future.

Get yourselves ready for some of life’s most precious moments are about to be delivered in ways you previously thought unimaginable… For more information, head to


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