The Ums, the Ahhs, and the Oooos of a month of Euro Madness

Is it too soon to utter those special three words? “It’s coming…” Wait. Yes, it fucking is and no, it probably isn’t.

June hasn’t been all-about-the-footy but it’s certainly helped. I’ve somehow juggled 122 group bookings (over four a day on average – one particular Thursday night I had around 18 I think); these were spread, not-so-evenly, over our 8 venues in the city, and in total, for my groups, we catered for almost 2,300 pax (as we call punters in this field), and I brought in a ludicrous half-a-million dirhams (£100k / $136k) while I was at it. Logistically it’s been a tough one and my mind has been somewhat stretched (warped maybe?).

And some clients I’m sure wonder why they have to wait a few days for an ‘urgent’ proposal for group enquiries for the end of 2022.

Highlights, I think they should be called, include trying to manage a private brunch for over 250 boozed-up British property types. Another big one was a school group of approx. 100 11-year-olds on a graduation party, whereby we had to split them into four teams and ensure they rotated through bowling, the arcades, and restaurant areas with ultra-military-precision timing. Somehow, with a supporting cast of F&B superstars, we pulled off all of these mind-boggling events with a 98-99% satisfaction rate.

And, yes yes – of course it’s been another record-breaking month here for me: almost doubling my best-ever June sales. It’s been my most popular month (by almost 1000 pax), and it’s my second-highest money-generating month since I landed in the Sandpit. It’s also only the second time I’ve ever clocked the half-million milestone…

How do I feel about it? Fairly whacked, to be honest. It’s been intense on another level, and I’m quite used to intensity to be fair.

Anyways, where were we? Oh yes, the football. Heading to watch Wales v Denmark with a Dane was a tough gig. The bloody Vikings raped us for a second time, the first being the last invasion obviously, all the while my best mate Nick was grinning widely trying to high-five me. Raging.

Most games – the previously mentioned one not included – have been fully booked a week in advance at all four of our venues showing the matches. So in that sense, I suppose, it is actually coming home!


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