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Like the Memrise on a Warm & Sunny Day

Getting distracted from some serious lesson planning, I crawled across an article on the beeb entitled "Cute cats could be key to learning new languages".

Immediately clawed by the title, and struggling to learn Chinese, I started to read about the co-founder of Memrise.com: Ed Cooke. He became a Grand Master of Memory in 2004. To win this prestigious title you must memorise 1,000 digits in an hour, 10 randomly shuffled decks of cards in one hour, and be able to memorise one deck of cards in two minutes or less. No easy task for sure.

Impressed by this man's stats and aware that my Jigga Man routine here is getting a little lame, I signed up immediately for an account. It's possible to follow your friends and see who's learning more each day or week in a social media stylee.

Memrise Screen Shot

I signed up for several language courses including Introductory Chinese: 'How to Read a Menu'. It illustrates Chinese characters with clever pictures to help you memorise them and it will help you practise with the ones you struggle with.

It's an incredibly simple and effective technique that teachers employ all the time when teaching children. It appears, it works with fully grown-up kids too.

Chinese is now the only language I can read (and understand) more than I speak. My limited Chinese vocabulary is growing very slowly, but it's still an embarrassing situation. The youngest kids, that I teach, learn more English each lesson, than the level of Chinese I've managed to pick up since I arrived.

Luckily, I'm not employed here for my foreign language skills, but I know I've already gained more from this site in a few days than months of living in China.

For those wondering where I got the inspiration for the blog title This classic Deferected Records track by Soulsearcher 'Feelin Love' :)

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