May is for Mayhem

As temperatures rocketed up to 42C (107.6 F) most days, the change in seasons here always boosts the attractions of our indoor hotspots as people try to escape the heat.

This paired with the return of (vaccinated) live musicians and DJs has meant another month of mayhem here in Dubai.

A few days after Ramadan ended on the 12th of the month, the Emirate’s most happening destination announced several changes to the rules and regulations within the F&B industry. These include table sizes increasing back to 10 people per table (from 7 people), two meters between tables (instead of 3m), 2am close (which is 1 hour less than the exclusive Ramadan closing times of 3am, yet 1 hour more than the pre-Ramadan closing times). The big win clearly being the return of live music and entertainment of course – such a huge part of our business model here, although dancing (sadly) still isn’t allowed.

The city’s hospitality industry sighed a collective sigh of relief as the news broke, although there was some confusion in the first few days. As people scrambled to interpret the rules there was debate over whether or not every attendee for venues with live music would need to be vaccinated or not; something that would have been a nightmare to police and would have significantly reduced our visitor and tourist appeal, but thankfully that isn’t the case.

The inboxes – and DMs – meanwhile have been swamped with requests for group bookings in the recent weeks and days off without working seem a thing of the past. The whole team is being stretched right now. Staffing levels aren’t where they should be and 70+ hour weeks aren’t uncommon from management, but the grit and perseverance the team are showing is phenomenal.

And all in the name of show business, kind of. The show – indeed – must go on… we are all determined to pull through and come out, perhaps not smelling of roses, but smelling like we’re wearing some stolen Louis Vuitton perfume instead. Ahem.

The manicness of it all reminds me of those heady days at Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi Egypt, only minus the insatiable sexapades.

Oh – and then there’s the news that we’re building 6, or is it 10, new venues in the next 6 months. Seems like only yesterday I was grumbling about Frugal February.

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