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Lost for Words

So as I suspected in March, a single blog a month was indeed far too much to ask.

I lose count of the amount of jobs and work I’m juggling. Time Out is still going strong and I’ve upgraded my day job – in responsibility, hours and pressure. I’m now holding a new business card reading Events Director for Segrace: an events and artist management company operational throughout China.

The work is cool but demanding on a whole new level. The artist management side of things is great; I’m working with some very cool, and very talented, musicians. The office however is miles out of the city centre. I’m commuting for a mind-boggling 20+ hours a week.

Thus with these two – essentially – full-time positions, it’s tricky squeezing in freelance work for my peeps in Dubai. Not to mention the DMOZ and Wiki editing I’ve embarked on. So please forgive me for neglecting the blog. I’ll be back in full effect at some point I’m sure. This lifestyle is quite normal for Beijing I’m lead to believe.

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