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Lights! Cameras! Photos…

So after weeks of geeking around (without much luck) investigating different flashy galleries in my spare time, I finally managed to sort out a proper photo gallery at long last.

I used the Juicebox software, a free download with no programming knowledge required – but you do need access to upload via ftp (or online editing abilities with Blogger/Wordpress etc)… It resizes the images for you so the most time-consuming aspect is writing the photo descriptions.

Juicebox screenshot

The first, and most recent, album is from here in China’s thriving Changzhou city. I’ll be adding a few more – hopefully in the coming days – from my travels including India, Hong Kong, Egypt and good old blighty!

I also have a scrolling bar at the top of the photo gallery; this is a sample from my Instagram account which contains some snaps from a variety of destinations (it uses a seperate plug-in).

The Changzhou’s pics include me ‘hard at work’, our fabulous Xmas show, me and the teaching crew and some shots of the city’s prettier scenes. As you can see, I'm working exceptionally hard at the moment. It's tough at the top.

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