Journalism is One Continuous Adventure

Phew so having only just returned from the immense weekend trip dubbed The Enlightened Eight Go to the Lakes, tonight's mission will involve another lengthy trip out of town.

We'll be heading to Chennai, formally known as the spicy-sounding Madras to nail a couple of interviews along the way.

"There's no money in journalism. But there is action, and action is an easy thing to get hooked on." wrote the late, great Hunter S Thompson.

With action comes adventure, this road trip will surely be no different in that sense. A lethargic 8 hour + sleeper bus en route will hopefully allow us some time to rest before we arrive in Tamil Nadu's capital city.

Interviews are prepared and logistics being finalised, ludicrous amounts of reading material at the ready in preparations for some of the most incredible articles the continent has ever seen. Possibly.

Chennai is calling and we journalists must travel to the heart of every story… not sure if they'll be enough room on the bus for the morning yoga session though.

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