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The Jigga Man

The legendary hip-hop powerhouse – and husband to Beyoncé - Jay-Z (aka the Jigga Man), has no idea just how big he is in China. More people say his name here daily than they do in the west each year. At least, I think that’s what they’re saying.

Jigga here in China means something like ‘this’ or ‘that’. With my exceptionally poor grasp of the local language the J word has saved me on countless occasions.

Whether I’m in a taxi asking him to stop, getting my haircut and showing him just how much to cut or in a shop pointing at something I want – the word is invaluable.

Alongside this gem, in broken Chinese I can now:

     • order three amazing dishes
     • ask how someone is
     • reply with I’m very good (woa hun hao)
     • say I’m very cold (us Brits love to grumble about the weather)
     • ask for something non-spicy
     • order a cold beer
     • tell someone my name, job and nationality
     • say left and right

Despite this minimal knowledge of a vastly different language, I’m so grateful that Jay-Z introduced the world to Jigga. He may be the Jigga Man of hip-hop, but I am the Jigga Man of Changzhou. Ni hao mother funkers!

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