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It's a Hong Kong Ting

Just as the news breaks of 165 km/h (103 mph) winds from Typhoon Usagi heading towards Hong Kong - I prepare my bags to chase the tail, and continue my Chinese visa hunt.

As I arrived here in China on a tourist visa, I must fly to Hong Kong to grab my work permission for my new position as English Teacher extraordinaire. It's kind of techincally classed as leaving the country (I think), although you're not really leaving the country (I think).

Usagi, meaning rabbit in Japanese, is absolutely hopping mad. It’s allegedly the strongest storm expected to hit the area in more than 30 years! The Hong Kong Observatory warned of "severe" disruption to the city. Oh great. Timing is everything eh. There seems to be a little something about me and visa application processes lately. They’re never as simple as they should be. I have timed this trip to perfection. It will work out and I will get that visa, honest guv.

That is, now that it’s been finally confirmed I am actually healthy enough to be a teacher. I passed some stringent Chinese medical test thing I had last week. It was, as I’d been warned, a fairly bizarre experience.

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