iPhone Business

If you’ve been paying close attention, you may have seen my social media activity increase lately. This is all thanks to once again, being the proud owner of the life-changing iPhone.

I was gutted after losing my first – and Ministry of Sound work allocated – iPhone (3GS) in India last year, and was forced to resort to cheap lame-ass phones.iPhone 4

Thanks to our new local Everton-fanatic, Scouser James, I’ve got my grubby little hands on an iPhone 4; and no, I didn't ask where he got it. OK, so it’s not the newest iPhone on the block, but it is nonetheless an incredibly piece of workmanship. It’s got a front-facing camera which means I can use this FaceTime thing which sounds cool but I’m yet to try it out.

I can now post updates to my Photo Gallery (via Instagram), check in to try to claim my rightful mayorships on FourSquare, access my Trip Advisor account at the touch of a button, Shazam tunes and I’ve just created an account on Strava – an app for recording the distances and times of my bike rides around town. I’ve also jumped on the Vine bandwagon although I’m yet to fully grasp it’s potential; at first glance it seems there’s a lot of fake users/likes floating around as my first post got 35 likes and 8 comments in a matter of seconds and none of the comments seem related to my video.

Alongside these uber cool apps, I’ve splashed out a little and bought apps for Fifa 14 and Grand Theft Auto – both of which completely rock. It’s like holding an X-box between my fingers and unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to waste hours playing games when I should be doing productive stuff.

It also, somehow magically, uploaded my pics from my iPhone to my Google+ account which is equally as impressive as it is worrying. Anyways I’m pretty damn pleased to once again own a magical iPhone and this somehow compensates for the recent loss of my ebook reader.


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