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From the first week I arrived in China's Changzhou city, it has been obvious that a recent trend in biking has taken off in a big way here.

The majority of my fellow teachers are equipped with 'fixies'; a type of racing-style bicycle with one fixed gear. This means - regardless of what you're used to doing - if you are moving, so are you legs. There's certainly no downhill cruising on these babies. Luckily, perhaps, there aren't any hills in Changzhou - or none, that I'm familiar with anyway.

With Aussie Paul saying his final g'days just last week - before heading off to backpack around Asia and India - he kindly left me his set of wheels to put to good use.

For my first proper bike ride in almost two decades, I ventured down the ever-lasting bicycle lanes. I narrowly avoided a few head-on collisions with e-bikes. I safely made it to a lovely park situated in the north of the city. Seeing as I'd done so well, I rewarded myself with an extra large caramel macchiatto and caesar chicken wrap at the parkside Starbucks. Thrilled with my new contraption, I couldn't wait for my next roadtrip. However, as I went to roll out the wafer-thin wheels for my second spin - I had a flat tire. Typical.

So until I get around to getting it fixed with the help of our in-school biking mechanic Peter 'Butter Face' Olsen de Fine - I can simply admire the green machine from afar.

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