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How to Download Instagram Photos in Bulk

Whilst dabbling with a some photo galleries and widgets I needed to get access to my instagram photos and stumbled across this awesome free and easy app that downloads them all for you.

Just log-in to Instaport Me with your instagram log-in, select which photos you wish to download and hit export. Then it packages them up for you in a zip file, allowing you click and download. I think even my mum could manage this one...

Instaport Screenshot

Took just a few mins for me, et voila! Enjoy mes amis...

For those looking to borrow others pics, you could click the photo you wish to see so it enlarges to full page. Right-click on the page and select "View Page Sauce". In the coded box, hit "Ctrl & F" search for .jpg and the first url is the url/web address for the image.

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