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The Homecoming

I've booked flights back to the UK for the 14th January to come home and fix my visa and passport issues. Due to all my ludicrous visa dramas, my passport is now completely full (only seven years in). Working abroad almost nonstop throughout this period I've clocked up some air miles and some random passport visas and stamps. Top of the random list has to be my recent trip to Meet the Mongals.
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Anywho - I'm hoping to get passport stuff done first few days in London Town before heading south to sunny Hastings. London dates 15th to 17th and probably again a few times before I leave. Not sure if I'll make it to Brighton but I desperately hope to. I will certainly be heading north for the best part of week to see Ma up in the inspiring hills of the Lake District.

I'm arranging a shindig in Hastings on Saturday 17th January (meal first and then to upstairs of Moda for little bash) for anyone who's around. It's gonna be amazing to catch up with the old skool crew after such a stint abroad. I'll be harassing people about a leaving party two weeks later so be warned.

When I left the UK, a year and a half ago, I headed out To India and Beyond (my third blog) on a soul searching trip volunteering - not knowing what steps would come next.

From Delhi I flew to Changzhou (near Shanghai) where I pretended to be an English teacher for 14 months before finally getting my career back on track up here in Beijing. Life is good here. I like it a lot. I can't wait to recount some of the frequent random China incidents I've stumbled across.

Will be so good to catch up with my parents and friends I haven't seen for so long. People have brand new nippers so I will get to meet countless adorable little babies (and some teenagers) who won't know recognise me - as the Uncle Owen I am - in the slightest. It will be a proper hectic trip. Time will fly by and I know I won't be able to see everyone I'd love squeeze in.

Alas, book your holidays now Hastings, Brighton and London peeps if you wanna slice from my busy schedule. As a dedicated professional and serious travel/music journalist my people in Beijing need me. Urgently. So I'm thinking 2/3 weeks maximum. Single file please, single file.

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