Here Comes the Sun

Changzhou SunsetI'm so relieved the long and harsh winter is over. This year's first proper offerings of warm sunshine are gratefully welcomed by smiles all round.

Committed to fighting the flab I've gained since arriving in China, I left the house for a run. Looking for an excuse to avoid any strenuous exercise I spotted a well-maintained university campus and headed for a pre-run rest.

As the sunsets over my shoulder I put pen-to-paper wondering what it is I'm trying to say.

Naturally it's the classic get-out-of-running-clause I was searching for, which is a shame really - I even bought a ball to kick about to add an element of fun. Playing footy in itself isn't an easy task here. Most parks don't allow people to kick balls around on the grass.

While I ponder my next move; birds are giggling and lovers are chirping in the background (or perhaps it's the other way around), regardless it makes a pleasant change from the usual city soundtrack of car horns and sirens.

The summer here apparently gets silly-hot, on a par with Egypt's glorious Red Sea coastline. Of course there are a few major differences to my time there. For one, I have no air-conditioned company car and there's certainly no crystal-clear waters to bathe in at weekends.

Alas, it should be a lot easier to burn the fat if I'm constantly sweating my little bosoms off.

Here's a little old skool 1992 rave track that inspired my blog title, Acen sampling the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun". Don't make em like this anymore.


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