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Fear & Loathing in a Quagmire of Buearacracy

After my dire Diplomatic Dilemmas in Delhi with the visa process trying to get into China - the saga continues trying to stay in the country. Missioning it to Hong Kong via Shenzen was a lengthy, tedious affair. I set out from Beijing at 4.30am and got my visa application submitted at 3.50pm after being on the move for almost twelve hours straight, and with no food for the last ten.Bulldog Hong Kong

Having submitted the application with fifteen pages of supporting documents, including what my mother and father ate for breakfast this week, I felt a huge sigh of relief. I had a feeling this would be the point where the game was up, and I'd be sent packing to a future of certain doom back in the UK.
Hollywood Boulevard in Hong Kong
Rewarding myself with a proper meal and some seriously cold Tiger beer - I took a rest at Bulldog Bar by Hollywood Boulevard. Swapping contact details with the manager for our Panda Guides HK listings section, I moseyed on to see Victoria Harbour by night. Still wanting to explore, I downed a few double espressos and hit some bars in the Chai Wan area.

The first was a over-priced wine and cocktail bar called The Pawn - whose soundtrack of downtempo disco and house beckoned me - before finding Mes Ami, a suarve upmarket bar with an impressive array of drinks and bottled beers on a buy one get one free deal.

By this time, the seventeen hour day was starting to set in. After a short trip back to filthy hostel - day one would be complete.

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