Dubai: Six in the UAE Mix…

So I managed to survive a full-on Ferrari-paced six months in one of the fastest developing cities in the world.

It seems only yesterday I rocked up in Dubai without much of a clue about the metropolis that sprouted from the desert in seemingly record-breaking time. A city that (by Chinese-standards) is fairly small, at just over three million residents – but yet one of the most visited cities on earth; it sits in fourth place as it happens (behind Bangkok, London and Paris – in that order) with 16.6 million visitors estimated to land in the Sandpit (as it’s affectionately known locally) per year.

As it stands – the dream team at Solutions Leisure, which I’m once again apart of, has some of Dubai’s best venues. And I’m in the privileged position of being able to run around the city bragging about them, making friends, and encouraging people to come and wine (read grape), dine, and party with us. The only things in life I’m good at; as anyone who knows me vaguely well can attest to.

It’s all been fairly intense: naturally. And that is, of course, just the way I like it. Boredom kills me. And, in my decade plus as an expat – taking in the sights, sounds, smells, and vibes of foreign places never gives me a dull moment.

Sure, I’m a bit late to the Dubai game. The crew have been here - bubbling away and - building an empire for the last five years. Two of my oldskool Hastings crew dem, the Armstrongs (Piers and John – not related: to each other, or Lance), have also been doing impressive tings here forever; but malesh… the best things come to those who wait, or work like mothers until it happens.

Since I landed, I’ve raked in over half a million dirhams (100k sterling) in sixth months across our eight jaw-dropping venues and helped an extra 2,800 people have the most incredible evenings this mega city has to offer. It’s not easy having this much fun and getting paid for it; I can tell thee.

And, what indeed may the future hold for me in Dubai – or elsewhere – is yet to be seen… with our recent announcements about going global and branching out to Mother Russia, I’m keen to investigate the opportunities that lie ahead.

Living for the moment is all I seem capable of in the main; and I have no objections to that as such. This Peter Pan lifestyle suits me well. I can – after all – still party like a 21-year-old, I just need to up my 21-year-old crew game I guess.


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