Dubai or Not Dubai

After my random, and – essentially – pointless trip to Bratislava, I returned to the UK with a much more positive outlook for the future. It was, after all, All About 2018 now…

With that breath of fresh air; I followed up some job opportunities I’d been chasing for some time. Within days of getting back on British soil, I had a job offer from Beijing that was immediately followed by an offer for a position back in my beloved Egypt. Something good was about to happen and I was about to get the fuck out of England again and secure some kind of meaningful employment.

Egypt was a very exciting prospect: my previous years there were the best years of my life, and Egypt will always have a very special place in my heart.

Before I’d had a chance to digest the very tempting proposal of returning to the Red Sea, I got a call from a certain Mr Paul Evans – my (somewhat legendary) former boss from Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi Egypt – who’d been busy rocking Dubai’s bar, restaurant, and nightlife scene for the last five years or so.

Sure enough, an offer followed and now I had a wonderful dilemma: it was either China, Egypt or Dubai – regardless I was clearly about to go somewhere…

Following on from this, Mr Marcus Lewis (my mentor in Egypt, and another amazing human being whom I adore) messaged me: “Dude, how much money you need to stay in England? I’m surrounded by students that want to suck your cock; male and female.

Plymouth however, as tempting as it sounded, wasn’t so high on my bucket list.

The Egypt option sounded amazing… wheels (a Jeep no less), gadgets, food, and drinks were all included in a package that would see me returning to the Land of the Pharaohs, and living like one of them – and was very tempting indeed.

However, I’ve made many, many, decisions – of late – with my heart that have caused me nothing but immense pain, heartache, and untold sorrow. Now simply wasn’t the time for being sentimental.

The Dubai option, with the man – and the team (or some of them) – who granted me those best years of my life was calling. The UAE was unchartered territory. It was something fresh. Something new, and, something beyond recognition – and that is a thing that will always fascinate me; the unknown is exciting, it’s different, it’s not normal – and let’s face it; who the fuck wants to be normal?

A few super close amigos, including some still in Egypt, edged me towards the Dubai option. It didn’t take much persuasion either to be honest.

Dubai it was then; to re-join a team who showed me my first taste of expat life – a taste that has never had a dull moment (in over a decade) – and, despite the foreseeable financial struggles, inshallah (God willing) it will work out for the best.


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