Dear Santa - My Wishlist 2020

Dear Santa

This whole 2020 thing has been a bit shit I think it's fair to say, and I'm sorry I haven't written to you in approximately 35 years - I've been a little busy.

I’ve been reasonably well-behaved this year so I have few minor things to request if you could deliver them to me in Dubai on the 25th that would be great. Our borders here are still open as demonstrated the by the recent invasion of the alcohol-fueled “Brits on Tour” crowd so that shouldn’t be an issue, but you may have to get a negative Covid test before you arrive - oh, and our villa doesn't have a chimney FYI.

Ideally I would very much like the following, in no particular order:

  • To end world poverty
  • To have legislation to prevent tax dodgers the world over
  • To meet the one and live hapily ever after
  • To win one of those competitions that make you a millionaire that I don’t really bother entering
  • To kill Covid off like that mental American preacher tried, but actually succeed
  • To stop and reverse Brexit
  • To eliminate depression and loneliness
  • To end all wars
  • To find a cure for cancer
  • Stop people stealing and hurting each other
  • To stop all pain and suffering (maybe except bad guys in jail)
  • For all goverments and countries to reverse the damage to the environment we create each day and for more businesses to follow BrewDog's lead in being carbon negative (not just carbon neutral)
  • For Donald Trump to be held account for all his corrupt activities as soon as he leaves the White House
  • For the UK to oust that spoilt Eton boy ruining our country and have a government who will focus more on helping improve the lives of the general population
  • For racism to be abolished in all forms
  • For all of my loved ones to have never-ending supplies of health, wealth and good looks
  • A real fully operational super car, or maybe two (one red, one green or maybe a yellow one)
  • To have enough money to do whatever I want, when I want without consequence (or at least a bit more than I have now)
  • To not have any excess puppy fat / love handles that I seem to have acquired here in Dubai

  • Once again, I apologise about not writing in so long, life really does seem to get in the way at times. I almost have as much grey hair as you now.

    Thanks a lot in advance, with loads of love and hugs.

    Aged 41 and ¾

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