Claim to Fame Festival Line Up

Whilst teaching one of my recent lessons (in China's Changzhou city) from a slightly-dated book, a pic of Zoe Ball and Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) was part of a ‘celebrity’ piece. It wasn’t until a week later; I remembered that I’ve met him at the Escape Club’s 20th Birthday Party (when I used to live above the nightclub) in Brighton.

For f**ks sake, I thought, how could I almost forget that? Then I started thinking about all the dance music legends I’ve had the pleasure to party with or that I've met.

What if I could get them all together under one roof or better still in a glorious set of green fields somewhere in the countryside for a massive festival? I know, right. Well, I couldn’t. So instead I figured I’d knock up an imaginary Claim to Fame Festival Line-up.

I thought this will come in handy when I’m trying to reminisce during all my impending years of forgetfulness. After all without this, what will I tell the grandchildren? So here it is… pat yourself on the back now Owen.


Audio Bullys / Faithless / Carl Cox / Moby

Clubbing UK Interview / Met Maxi at London Festival / Met at Escape Club / Played at Proud Camden

Pete Tong / Chocolate Puma / Brandon Block / Seb Fontaine

Clubbing UK met at Miami WMC / EID Party at Little Buddha / Ministry of Sound Egypt / Concorde 2

Orbital / Armand van Helden / Fatboy Slim / Judge Jules

Met at Concorde 2 / interview for Clubbing UK / Met at Escape Club / Had him play for us in Egypt

Paul Oakenfold / Darren Emerson / Crazy P

Interview for Clubbing UK / Had him play for us in Egypt / Interview for Clubbing UK

Tim Deluxe / James Zabiela / Howard Marks

Interviewed all for Clubbing UK

Sander van Doorn / Alex P / Danny Howells

Tried kicking him out of VIP (doh) / Met at South Coast Weekender / Hastings Crew

Graham Gold / Freq Nasty / Wally Lopez

Had him play for us in Egypt / Met at Concorde 2 / Interview for Clubbing UK

Jonathon Ulysses / Pete Gooding

Had him play for us in Egypt / Met in Egypt when he played at a friend’s bar

Lisa Unique / Promiss / Lisa Pinup / Jakki Degg / Lisa Lashes / Nakadia

MoS Egypt / MoS Egypt / Met on Hastings Pier / MoS Egypt / interview for Clubbing UK / Mos Egypt


Met One Nation's Terry Turbo at a promoter's course in London (2000)

K-Klass (Live PA)

Had the pleasure to have them out to Egypt on at least one occasion…

was surprised the vocalist still gets nervous performing live (circa 2010)


I had them out to Egypt twice to rave-n-blaze it up (circa 2009)

They kindly played a special farewell send-off at my brother’s funeral (2011)


Met whilst attending a music seminar in Brighton (2003)

Shades of Rhythm (Live PA)

Interviewed them under their more recent guise of Drumattic Twins (circa 2004)

Ellis Dee

We met in Concorde 2’s VIP room after a show, he still looked younger than me;

and I’ve been a fan of his since I was 14 or 15 (circa 2005)

Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter

The Kool FM DJ who’s been smashing dancefloors for over two decades came to Egypt (circa 2010)

Doc Scott

I interviewed the drum 'n' bass pioneer for Time Out Beijing in 2015, partied with him at Dada

- then me and the Dada boss staggered back to his hotel with him through Beijing's hutongs.


I interviewed Darren from We Love twice (circa 2006) and bumped into Dave Basics;

on the dancefloor of Manumission at Space (obviously - circa summer 2001)

Andrew Weatherall

He came out to DJ at Ministry of Sound Egypt and my boss made me pull him off the decks:

before he’d finished his set – one of my most embarrassing nights ever

Graeme Park

I interviewed him for Clubbing UK back in 2005/2006-ish.

Hed Kandi VIP Area

Phil Faversham / Carl Hanaghan / Sarah Louise / Andy Norman

Worked with most out in Egypt (plus a load more ex-Kandi DJs) - with the exception of Andy -

at the world’s first (and only) Hed Kandi Beach Bar, now defunct; met Andy at Pacha London 2002.


Dizzee Rascal

Met him twice at MOBO award ceremonies in London town

Tim Westwood

Bumped into him staggering around San Antonio, Ibiza – we were both a little worse for wear;

he was chasing a group of young ladies round the bars... circa 2001

Africa Bambaataa

Met him at a Brighton Festival around 2005-ish

I’m sure there’s a few more I’ve omitted already so no doubt I’ll update this as and when the flashbacks inspire me again... it’s fair to say though that all of these dance music legends have been – in general – extremely down to earth and friendly, super cool people.

It’s inspiring that most people in music that we occasionally idolise are just regular people who’ve worked extremely hard and have received the levels of success and recognition they deserve.

I feel privileged to have met and partied with so many of them. Superstar DJs and friends – I salute you.


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