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Cheeky Gram of Insta

So since I arrived in China's Changzhou a few months back, I’ve been cutting back on all sorts of bad habits I’ve developed over the years.

The main one being the quit smoking health kick of course, cutting down on cheap alcoholic beverages will come a close second me thinks.

Whilst stuck behind the legendary Great Firewall of China, I’ve had to seriously tone down any social media business too. This has left me with some serious withdrawal pangs, including – but not limited to – the shakes, sleepless nights and sweat-filled horrific nightmares.

Finally I bumped into a ‘man with a dog’ also known as a ‘geezer down the pub’ who said he could hook me up with some proper shizm. This fella said he knew a way how to access Instagram from China!

Lovely, I thought. A cheeky Gram of Insta is just what the doctor ordered! This was only possible after Teacher Johnny lent me his old phone recently (which I still have no idea how to use) and got the internet at home setup.

Anyways, longer story short – I finally got back on it today! I was so happy to see some pics from some of my mates back in the UK and abroad… also essential updates from Defected Records, the Stephen Lawrence Trust, Ministry of Sound and even P Diddy too.

Love it! Am like a kid in an internet café, although that sounds very wrong indeed.

So I managed to post not one, but two pics to my Instagram account from here in China. The first on the left here is the view from mine and Johnny's apartment, the second up above is, well some random cats...

Basically I jump on Wi-Fi wherever I can and sometimes, if you're lucky, that Wi-Fi magically enables you to get on Instagram - not a particularly technical explanation I know.

Cunningly my Instagram is linked to the site here under Photo Gallery at the top of the page, so all photos are here for one and all. Expect many more random shots of China to come.

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