The BrewDog Billionaire

Whilst loving life at my friend’s legendary villa BBQ in what appears to be a Billionaire’s Row in Dubai, I grabbed a bottle of BrewDog from his fridge as we got the party started.

As we were all catching up on the last few weeks’ escapades, I noticed an appeal on the bottle for Equity Punks. There were selling shares in a crowd-funding stylee, so I headed to the website to discover more…

There was an 89-page pdf on the benefits and details that – naturally, as somebody who knows absolutely nothing about stocks and shares – I barely skimmed over. Instead, I simply thought of the bragging rights next time I was in a bar (probably one of ours in Dubai) where I could tell the gang I’m a shareholder in BrewDog.

After a day or so umming and ahhing, I dived in. There were twenty days left to get in on the action, and you could buy as little as one share (valued at £25 each); seeing as I’m not exactly balling out here, and my non-existent knowledge of anything shares related, I didn’t go too large so snapped up 10 shares.

Everybody who bought shares (more than 47,000 beer lovers in the end – raising over £8.7 million ) stood a chance of winning a million pounds worth of shares too – obviously, that wasn’t going to be me but alas…

I digress. The history and growth of the company has been a fascinating one, BrewDog was established in bonnie Scotland in 2007 by two budding young entrepreneurs. Purchasing their first bar a few years later, by the end of 2018 they had 78 bars worldwide and exports to 55 countries. In 2019, their Punk IPA (one of my favourite IPAs ) was the UK’s best-selling craft beer and the company was one of the fastest-growing in the F&B sector.

The quirky pair behind the brand even changed their names by deed poll to Elvis, after the Presley Estate sued them for naming one of their beers Elvis Juice, a court case against them was overruled on appeal (and post name change).

This was the sixth round of crowd-funding investments and means I can now blag my way into their AGM and get a discount in the bars and on the online shop.

Mother dearest also treated me to some shares for my birthday, so I’m now steadily but surely (and exceptionally slowly) on my way to becoming a BrewDog Billionaire . One day Dog, one day.


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