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Billy Daniel Bunter - a Trip to the Old Skool

Oooooh hello, what's this I spy? A cheeky 3 hour mix of old skool classic hardcore from 1991 courtesy of DJ Billy Daniel Bunter... don't mind if I do.

DJ Billy Daniel BunterPlay magic internet page thing, play! As some of you may know I've got smack bang into SoundCloud of late and it's sessions like this that make me grateful that I am.

Featuring anthems like "Dominator" by Dutch house club-thrillers Human Resource and Shades of Rhythm's timeless "Sound of Eden", the mix is fused with a ton of huge vocal tunes and spine-tingling strings. Time just flies by as I reminisce about an irreplaceable era... any old skool sing-a-long ravers will be skipping round the living room to this one for sure.

It's all in honour of Kool FM London's 22nd Anniversary this November and DJ Bom-didly-didly Dan does a superb job of transporting you back in the day to a time when the underground and hardcore was at it's healthiest. The Birthday Bunter Business is also available as a free download!

During our hay-days running Ministry of Sound Egypt, we were lucky enough to be graced by the man himself Mr Billy Daniel Bunter (2010 possibly) - although I'm sure we didn't get treated to anything like this! British retro hardcore tracks unfortunately just weren't really top of international music policy agenda.

In 1991 I was just getting introduced to the wonderful world of dance music by my older brother James - I still have all my/his old flyers somewhere too. I was 12 years old and wishing I was a little bit taller.

Anywho ravers! Stand up and be counted for this one! Eye eye!

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