Big in Japan, well China Actually

So after an inspiring and life-changing stint here in mother India, and with no idea which route to take in life, I decided to apply for some jobs in Asia as a professional English teacher! No laughing at the back!Map of China

Despite my lack of 'proper' formal teaching qualifications - or any others for that matter - I've been offered not one, but two amazing jobs in China! One is near Shanghai (one hour away), the other is on the south east coast.

I'm soooooooooo excited it's unbelievable. This is my childhood dream come true. I have always wanted to teach for as long as I can remember. The fact I did a diabolical job during most of my exams, I had thought would count me out for good. Apparently not. Now I guess I'll be investigating flights, visa and logistics etc and heading east. It's the only way I heard.China Flag

I am thinking while I'm there I can get a TEFL / TESOL qualification online, so when I do eventually leave I'll have both experience and a certificate.

After I've signed the contract, I'll update the blog with a piece about how to get work in China for anyone looking to do the same. So unless I get an emergency call from Europe in the next few days, my professional teaching debut is calling. The children of China need me. The next generation await the fountain of knowledge that is Owen Daniel esquire. Well, I keep telling myself that anyway :)

I wonder if I'll be allowed to blog from there? Will be a bit bizarre to imagine - potentially within days/weeks - I'll be adding Chinese to my immense array of international language skills!

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