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Besty's Birthday Blog! Happy 40th Brother...

Dearest Brother..

James Edward Best RIP: 11.12.73 - 08.09.11

Incredible to think that it's your 40th birthday! In truth, I started writing this weeks ago just to make sure I had the final copy ready for your massive day.

Remeber when we used to joke about how I was catching up with you age-wise? I guess these days that's much closer to the truth than a gag. Maybe it goes without saying that I think about you loads and miss being close to you brother.

It's hard to imagine how different my life would be if you were still kicking about. I'd probably never have gone on my soul-searching trip through India and Asia, and certainly wouldn't have ended up over here in China either. I undoubtedly would never have started yoga as I can only imagine how much fun you'd have ripping the piss out of me for that.

I'd have organised an amazing bash for you I hope you know that. You'd have been the funniest old prick about. I miss getting the giggles with you James.

Allegedy Sir Paul McCartney and his mates all hooked up and took acid for his 40th in his windmill-clad oasthouse near Rye... now I'm not saying I could have pulled off such a great party - but I'd have probably got everything other than the oasthouse in place, and Sir Paul perhaps. We were always fond of Rye's train and bus shelters as kids though.

Talking of bashes, it would've been pretty hard to top your grand finale send off we had at Bar Moda in Hastings. It would have been perfect if you'd have shown up!

The Ratpack were gentlemanly enough to grace us on the turntables, and an intimate group of 20 of us (all James and I's old skool crew) raved our little asses off for ya. I feel ashamed to say I still haven't even begun to repay them back for that yet. I will.

People will be raising a glass for you in many corners of the world for you today Jim Bob. Mum and Zeph will be popping another shrimp on the barbie for you in Australia's 35C heat. Debbie and Lou Lou (I'm sure) will be marking the occasion alongside some of the crew in the UK, and I'll be here in sub-zero tempretures in China cooling myself with a cool one, or three.

Some people say 'life begins at forty' and we always knew they were full of shit.

Love you brother and miss you too much. Thank you so much for all the happy memories!

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