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Best Days of Our Lives; A Homage to my Big Bro

Dearest brother Jim, is that time of year when we’re all thinking of you muchly… most think of you more than you will ever know I’m sure. Nobody more than me though.

I was retelling a story about you to Johnny just the other day when you lived in Brighton. I followed you there brother, wherever I could, in almost every possible sense.

Our years together were certainly the Best Days in so many ways and I shall cherish them forever. I should really get around to writing down some of our adventures before I’m far too old to remember Jack or Danny. Or their aunty Jane.

So I hope you’re following the blog James, if not, I’m in China brother! About to teach English! Boom… The student has almost become the master: enter Teacher Owen.

Would love to be able to tell you all about it mano-a-mano. I recently discovered that phrase is used in English thanks, it’s thought, to Ernest Hemingway; it was originally a Spanish/Portuguese term meaning hand-to-hand. You probably already knew that bit. Failing that I wish I could just pop this in a postbox and send it you, I guess posting for the world to read online is the next closest thing.

Zeph’s got on the property ladder down under with Jess and is still doing us both proud. I think they’re heading back to the UK to see Ma and Pa soon too.

The more general best days (with lower case) are all still to come I’m sure – though they won’t be the same without you dude. Love you dude. RIP my brother: James Edward Best - 11 December 1973 to 8 September 2011.

I’ve attached the Chunky Mark’s legendary Youtube clip about the man himself for those who haven’t seen it yet, or would like a giggle. James would have loved this guy and I still owe Mark a beverage or three on our behalf… I’ll have a drink for you tonight brother! One love

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