The Battle of Hastings Continues

In what some are describing as "the town's biggest political shake up since 1066", the legendary Councillor Godfrey Daniel is bowing out gracefully from his position as Hastings' longest serving councillor.

Councillor Godfrey DanielNot since the day that someone lost their eye in 'The Battle of Hastings' - situated in Battle, or Hastings, or Crowhurst, or possibly France, depending on which pub you're drinking in - has the area had to deal with such a huge political loss.

Even some dictators aren't granted as much time as his solid two decade reign 'at the top'.

Well father, it certainly has been emotional! Let's see, I'd have been an innocent-ish 14 year old back then before you hit the big time. Wowzer...

Congratulations on your political marathon, you've served everybody proud. Especially Zeph and I. We're both immensely impressed and hoping now you'll have a bit more time to take us to Jungle Tumble when we're back in East Sussex; if it still exists of course.

All gags aside, you're our hero Pa.. well done on everything - especially your finest achievement: having two wonderful sons!

You'll be thrilled to know I hear myself telling jokes at school and, as people cringe, I know exactly where I get it from.


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