Badoo Account Scam (My Fake Account Hell)

I just received two spam emails today from those sneaky, corrupt, cheating, scamming, phishing con artists at Badoo. Both emails asked me to confirm my account registration details, despite never ever giving them any of my details or any permission to contact me.Stop Spam

Spotting them immediately brought back horrific memories of the last time my details appeared on this site. My beloved girlfriend, possibly now my ex-girlfriend, gave me massive amounts of grief for setting up this account on what I think is allegedly a dating site (I’d never heard of it before this happened).

To my surprise and horror, there were photos of me from either MySpace, Facebook or Twitter - stating that I was interested in meeting people online for relationships and 'looking' for various women of various ages and backgrounds.

I'm sure many people gain things from dating sites, I am not one of them. If I was single – and, maybe I am after this - I would still never use a dating site. It's just not my style.

Incredibly if you search Badoo on Twitter the com ments all generally seem positive, I'm sure this is an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) trick done by various invisible bots and advanced spamming techniques.

Thankfully now you can find a huge number of people with similar complaints, people stating their relationships, even marriages have been ruined by this scam site! How this site runs is beyond me... someone needs to take these bastards down, permanently. I hope those guys and girls at Anonymous can hack them to bits and bury them deep at sea, but they've probably got more important causes to champion.

Even the Badoo Wikipedia page states the heavy number of 'users' who have never signed up for the site... there’s also mention of a peer-reviewed study by Cambridge University* from a few years back where the beast that is Badoo was given the lowest score, out of 45 social networking sites, for privacy.

A fellow blogger penned a great piece (since removed from entitled Badoo is an Enigma Wrapped in a Puzzle Wrapped in Spam, in there he states: "Not only did Badoo send invitations to all of my Facebook contacts, but apparently to all of my Gmail contacts as well. Within three minutes, a confused friend in Malibu was calling, asking where the fuck I had taken him. While I tried to help him figure out how to delete his new Badoo account – something I haven’t tried myself yet – I nervously giggled, realizing the larger scope of this particular I accept. 'Dan is looking for women ages 18-35,' he said, 'yeah, I bet you are.' On Saturday, I was walking in Astoria with my neighbourhood friend, Keith, explaining the Badoo spam he’d received — not on Facebook, but in his email — when I got a voicemail from my mom: 'I got this thing on my email… it said, "Daniel is trying to send you a message through Badoo" and I don’t know if it’s legit or not.'

"My mom doesn’t have even have Facebook. I quickly called her back. She thought it was odd that I’d be sending a request, asking when her birthday is (did she fall between the ages of 18 and 35?) Not only was Badoo trying to hook me up with my own mom, it was turning me into a bigger loudmouth than Kanye West. Zuckerberg once had it out for Badoo; now it apparently works with Badoo to magically retrieve something I had gladly withheld from the bastards at Facebook for years: my real email address".

Anyways for those people in relationships where trust is on the thinner side, this site causes absolute havoc. I hate Badoo and everything they stand for. If anyone is interested in a campaign to close them down, I'd be happy to sign up for it… Their headquarters are in Soho, London - surely we have laws against this kind of site in the UK?

Equally, if anyone knows a way to get them to stop signing me up to the site, permanently, I'd appreciate the pointer. I'm thinking a change of email address would be the only way but it's something I'd rather avoid.

I hope the second time around, it won't cause as much damage as it has done in the past… and maybe, one day, these lame-ass professional spammers will get an attack of conscience, and or syphilis… Grrr rant over.


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