As-Salam Alaykum Ya Masri

Having spent such a large part of my life there, the current situation and stories of needless deaths in Egypt brake my heart every time I hear the news. “More than 500 Dead”, “Bloodshed in Cairo”, they say… “Could It Be the New Iraq?” Seriously, like WTF?

As the revolution began I, along with millions of others, had mixed feelings about the uprising. With today's headlines updating the death toll it saddens me greatly, and my feelings are no clearer whatsoever.

Mish kidda people, this is not the way. As-salam alaykum to all Masri. Egyptians should always remain united, but it seems some are hell-bent on death and destruction. Things must get resolved by talks and negotiations, not violence and bloodshed, although it's difficult to see things calming down anytime soon.

I hope those that are shooting guns cease are held accountable for their actions. Worryingly, things are far from over. I think political leaders from all sides need to be able to stand together to calm the crowds. I know I'm not alone in looking forward to a day where Egypt is at peace with itself again.

Egyptian brothers and sisters, I've said it many times before and will say it again: ana nos Masri delwate (I'm half Egyptian now)! It pains me to read the news about Cairo; please make it stop.

I hear everything's completely normal, fine and safe in the sun-drenched Red Sea cities of Hurghada and Sharm. I've been thinking of my friends throughout Egypt a lot lately.

Stay safe people and avoid the trouble spots. For anybody that’s booked a holiday, you have nothing to worry about at all, and lots to look forward to. It would, of course, be best to avoid visiting Cairo or the pyramids though. Viva ya masri!


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