April Showers – Dubai Style

Just over a year into my reign – ahem – in the not-so-subtle beast that is Dubai’s nightlife scene, the recent downpours have been a little on the bizarre side.

This city isn’t built to cope with April Showers, or any other waters from above to be frank. Like many parts of the Middle East this isn’t something that usually has been an issue therefore things like drainage systems are a rarity. April started with some howling storms too, like proper proper rainfall : I’m talking thunder and lightning and everything. The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, was struck by lightning – to spectacular effect – as posted by Sheikh Hamdan on Twitter.

Feeling refreshed after my downtime in the homeland of Brexit chaos (where I was Feeling Forty and …), it’s great to be back in the ‘City of Gold’. I think I appreciate the bizarreness of Dubai a bit more now; my quality of life here has jumped up significantly since my recent-ish promotion (to Head of Corporate Sales).

Summer for real isn’t far off at all, and the temperature here is a daily reminder of that. During my two weeks in England things in the UAE went from a lovely 25C to a sweaty 35C and the AC is in full effect all day every day now.

Before the hottest of hotness lands, we have the holy month of Ramadan kicking off in a few weeks – whereby fasting during daylight hours is observed by many – and entertainment per se is not the done thing: the city should expect no DJs, live music, dancers or dancing during this holy time.

Currently it’s just about bearable weather to try to top-up one’s none existent tan and this week I’m heading out to my first boat party in the UAE for a friend’s birthday soiree – looking forward to that one.

So after a few weeks of terrible weather the sun is shining again, the air seems cleaner and sure as hell things are getting just as warm.

Fairly soon, we’ll all be begging for winter


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