Another Fallen Soldier; RIP Ben Curtis aka Peanut

I just caught word of the tragic news that a great young man has sadly taken his own life… we first met Ben Curtis, aged 13, when he came to Thomas Peacocke School in Rye, sharing the train with us from Ore station in Hastings. This year was our 21st anniversary of so many wonderful occasions.

Instantly we bonded, connecting on so many levels. His superb sense of humour, his love of thrill-seeking, adventure, and fun was immeasurable. We shared the happiest days of our lives together through our early experimental teenage phase. We partied week-in, week-out, bunked off school together and had the most incredible social life possible.

He was a key member of our raving crew for the best part of a decade. He was there from the very start, even before, the fully-charged and now legendary 'Hastings Garage Days'.. His little hand prints were climbing those walls for years! I still remember the night we painted it vividly.

We had an incredibly action-packed youth and I think we all considered him as a little brother to us. He was known affectionately as Peanut, and was loved by many amazing people.

Somehow our paths separated and unfortunately, regretfully, we didn't see much of each other in recent years. Apparently he lost his way and took his final adventure to Beachy Head. It seems we couldn't fly after all eh Nut. So sorry I wasn't there to catch you bud.

I hope you found some peace little bro. Rave in Peace Ben! You will be missed and never forgotten. Love you man x


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