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So after yet another gut-wrenching year of hardcore pain and trauma, I’m more than happy leaving all that baggage behind – literally – whilst I’m here in Bratislava on some silly fact-finding mission.

Thanks to the kindness and support of some very incredible people I’m pulling through and I’m feeling exceptionally positive about the future now I finally feel like I’m getting some vague concept of clarity. Telephone calls and face to face meetings don’t even seem to matter much in this day and age apparently.

All about the digital manipulation of one’s online profiles I assume. Alas, after all I’ve been through I’m quite confident I could never experience anything as horrific – or as drawn out – as the bizarreness of the reality I’ve shared.

Thanks muchly to the believers who know me so well, and my apologies to the doubters for not being able to explain myself well enough – or not being allowed the opportunity.

It appears the end is nigh (or perhaps it was months ago and I failed to get a clear memo of understanding), and I guess it’s a fittingly bizarre end to a completely bizarre ordeal that I will turn into a book – or a fucking trilogy – one day. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction but there will always be conspiracy theorists out there who fail to grasp the very basics of the facts, especially those un-provable ones, and massively offending the victims at the same time.

Now, I should be focusing on a bit of me, me, me for the first time in almost a decade I think; not so unreasonable all things considered. Who would have thought one man could go through so much, for so long, with such a bland and undefined conclusion, and – naturally – without so much as a thank you, or an apology, or an explanation.

I’ve been far from perfect, in far from perfect circumstances, but I forgive myself for my misgivings during times of exceptional levels of stress and distress. Surviving this means I can survive anything and pain only makes one stronger.

Of course my end of the deal was far better, easier, and less intense (in every possibly way) than the other half of the equation; a half I couldn’t be more proud of. Angels will always learn to fly again and I wish the other party nothing but the best for the future.

I’ve always gone through life trying relentlessly hard to be an all-round pretty amazing guy in every possible way. Clearly I failed in this respect in the eyes of a select few, but these are the eyes of those who don’t know me so well – and with that in mind – perhaps that doesn’t even matter anymore.

Those who know me, don’t doubt my integrity or comprehension of logic and reality, or the nature and fabric of my character, and I suppose that’s what matters the most. Love does indeed hurt, but this ludicrous tale beats any other romantic tragedy – in fact or fiction – that I’ve ever heard of.

It’s time to stop chasing rainbows clearly and get back to my A-game. I guess that also now qualifies me as one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, so finally some wonderful news comes my way. The only way is up from here, the world is my oyster yet again – and I intend to eat it up in one big gulp.

Now, all that remains is for my next dream job to come my way – hopefully 2018 will bring me more luck and fortune than previous years both personally and in business. Freedom smells good from here…

The truth is out there and I’m not sure I found it, or something close, but sometimes the truth is clearly too much to ask; enough of the clichés (almost) and enough of this shit. Happiness is just around the corner if you allow they say, and I intend to. I hope all those who have been close to me can do the same.

Farewell Bratislava, it’s been emotional.


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