Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now

After weeks of being stuck in a deep and complex diplomatic quagmire in Delhi, the embassy has finally granted me access to the world’s second largest country. I can finally escape the madness of Indian capital.

I’ve booked my third, and hopefully final, ticket to Shanghai and - in theory at least - I should land on Chinese soil Friday afternoon. I'd like to think there 'Aint No Stoppin' Us Now', but I probably shouldn't write about it and push my luck. I just couldn't resist whipping out this disco classic - by McFadden & Whitehead - from the year of my birth; just like me, they don't make em like that anymore

I had almost lost all hope of heading to the Far East to fulfil a childhood dream. Now possibly my biggest ever ‘will he, won’t he?’ dilemma appears like it’s all falling nicely into place.

I’m oober excited about getting there and getting involved ASAP, and after the last stress-filled two weeks I think I’ll appreciate it more than most. They say the journey is half the fun of getting there, and what nonsense they talk. The real fun starts on day one at school in China.

It will be utterly fascinating to experience yet another wildly different country and culture. That said, I’m a little dubious about life without Twitter, YouTube, Google and I think my Blogger account too as apparently they’re all banned there. ‘News’ I’d imagine will also be in limited supply.

The pro’s definitely out-way any minor cons. This is about to be another trip of a lifetime. Just not sure I’ll be able to write about it for a while, although naturally I will try…

So China here I come – ready or not!


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